MYXclusive: CJ NAVATO & KRISTEL FULGAR Take Our Compatibility Test!

The way they stare at each other says it all, mga paps

YouTube sensations and Star Magic artists CJ Navato and Kristel Fulgar took our compatibility test on the set of MYX Olympics. For the record, it was, well, super kilig. Each time the duo releases a new song cover, CJTel shippers can't help but swoon over their chemistry. But just how compatible are CJ and Kristel? Watch the MYXclusive video to find out:

Don't forget to catch CJTel on MYX Olympics this Saturday at 4pm! Here's a sneak peek of the riotous episode which also features Michael Pangilinan, Garie Concepcion, Thou Reyes, DJ Jhai Ho, Liezel Garcia, and Bugoy Drilon!

What can you say about CJ and Kristel? Feel free to leave a comment!



  • jhenoreo

    posted 1 year ago

    Sila yung loveteam na nakakakilig, may talent na dapat binibigyan din ng teleserye..sobrang sweet pa nila sa mga cover nila grabeee.. I?you CJTEL 😉