"I will see you all in two years. God Bless." - David Archuleta

After completing a mini series in the Philippines, recording an OPM and and international album, it's bye-bye for David Archuleta as he finally starts his Mormon mission.

As a proper goodbye for his fans, he uploaded a final video blog (VLOG) entitled, "It's not Goodbye". Two years is a long time but David really appreciates all the messages from fans, especially those that were very understanding of his decision to be away for two years as part of his duties as a devout Mormon. 

"It's a decision everyone knows about but it's a very personal thing and I wanted to keep it that way. So I hope you guys respect that, and you guys have so I appreciate that."  

Archie admits that he has gone through a very emotional week, spending some quality time with family, friends and neighbors before he leaves for an undisclosed location in South America. 

David is still going to keep in touch while doing the mission with his once a week Internet privileges. But it may be limited.

All the fans can do is wait until he comes back. True enough, they will be waiting and hoping for another visit in the Philippines too. 

David Archuleta's newest music video, "Forevermore" will premiere on MYX on April 1, 2012 at 8:00 PM. You can support David by voting for the video on Just register, log on and type in Forevermore - David Archuleta on the Online Voting Box at the upper right hand corner of the home page. 

Watch the video below for the David's full VLOG. 



  • violet4ever

    posted 5 years ago

    Such a nice Not Goodbye. I adore David - he's such a kind and thoughtful person. And you MYX know how hard he worked in the Philippines to do new stuff for the fans - Nandito Ako miniseries, Forevermore CD, upcoming music video for that. And when he got back to the US he started recording more music all the way up to the day before he left. I'm really going to miss David. But I still feel him in my heart. And us fans will be here for him when he returns. BTW he's DavidArchie on Twitter and that'