WATCH: GREEN DAY Debuts Survival Song, "Still Breathing"!

American punk rock band Green Day premiered a new track from their upcoming 12th studio album Revolution Radio, releasing an animated lyric video for the emotionally heavy song Still Breathing

The new track talks about a person's ability to overcome hardships and miseries in life, almost insinuating the frontman Billy Joe Armstrong's triumph over drug addiction.

"I'm like a jukie tying off the last time. I'm like a loser that's betting on his last dime. Oh, I'm still alive," Armstrong sings over guitar strums before the blazing chorus began, "Cause I'm still breathing on my own. My head's above the rain and roses. Makin; my way, my way. Cause I'm still breathing." 

Watch the animated lyric video below!

Video Courtesy: Green Day

Revolution Radio will be out on October 7. Earlier this year, the band released fast-paced and punk rock songs Bang Bang and title track Revolution Road. 

Green Day's North America tour will kick off on September 26 in Columbus, Ohio while the first four dates will be rescheduled as it did not push through because of an illness. 

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