LOOK: NIRVANA's "Nevermind" Turns 25!

Nirvana's Nevermind, one the biggest and most influential albums released in 90’s, turns 25 today. The record sold more than 30 million copies worldwide became one of the most iconic records from this Kurt Cobain-fronted band. Likewise, its album cover, a baby swimming underwater towards a fish hook with a dollar bill went down in music history as one of the most iconic album covers of all-time.


That baby is Spencer Elden and during the album cover shoot he’s just a few months old. Now that he’s 25 just like “Nevermind”, it was reported that he recreated the famous album cover as he poses in a pool. He also made a splash and recreated his “Nevermind” pose 10 years ago during its 15th year anniversary.



Let’s look back  and relive the the groundbreaking hits and videos from Nevermind! Check out these songs below. 

In Bloom

Video Courtesy: NirvanaVEVO


Video Courtesy: NirvanaVEVO

Come As You Are

Smells Like Teen Spirit

What song from Nevermind made a real mark on you? Tell us in the comments!