LOOK: 10 Timeless AVRIL LAVIGNE Songs That We Rocked Out To!

Ever since Avril Lavigne made broke into the limelight with her punk-rock music and badassery, no one has been able to resist the Canadian singer's hardcore demeanor. It's safe to assume that Avril's song became our anthem at one point in our lives.

And to celebrate our Canadian angst princess' 32nd birthday today, we've rounded up 10 of her most popular songs that gave us major feels.

Just like her beautyshe's immortal, btwthese songs has proven themselves timeless:

1. Girlfriend

In 2007, The Rubinoos filed a lawsuit against Avril over Girlfriend lyrics that happened to be similar to the song, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, that the American pop band recorded from the 70s. Regardless, the music video for Girlfriend is the most popular song in the Canadian's official YouTube page with more than 346 million hits.

2. When You're Gone

You'll be left in a puddle of tears from watching (or even just listening) to the song's mv. The message and emotion portrayed in the song fit the music video so well. The pains of a soldier leaving his family for war, two youngsters in a forbidden love and an old man who has lost his wife - it's just too much.

3. What The Hell

What The Hell is the first single to Avril's fourth studio album, Goodbye Lullaby, released in 2011. The Max Martin-produced music video shows Avril messing around with the guy he's with. It's basically a profession of the singer's freedom after her split with first husband, Deryck Whibley.

4. Here's To Never Growing Up

"Say, won't you say "forever" / Stay, if you stay forever / Hey, we can stay forever young," sings Avril in an ode to never grow up. Well, she really doesn't look like she's aging so that's not gonna be a problem for her. Avril co-wrote the song with then future husband Chad Kroeger of Nickelback.

5. Complicated

Avril was only 17 when Complicated, her debut single, was first heard. The song was nominated at the 45th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and won Song of the Year.

6. My Happy Ending

Avril sings of relationship failures. So much for a happy ending, eh? What a Debbie Downer.

7. Sk8er Boi

Another one of Avril's music that earned her a nomination at the Grammy's for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance is Sk8r Boi. It is believed that Avril is the "skater boy" and hid herself by using the opposite gender.

8. I'm With You

Avril's third single and first ballad song from her debut album, Let It Go, this track tells the story of Avril wanting to lend a hand to someone/anyone needing help. She also stripped down all her walls to give her fans an intense track.

9. Wish You Were Here

This song is damn, damn, daaaamn great. In this song, Avril wasn't able to hold back her tears and show some raw emotions.Wish You Were Here is a hymn about missing somebody. She knows everyone goes through this!

10. Smile

Avril goes on a journey to collect pieces of a broken heart. In an alternate dimension, specifically the studio, she rocks to the song in a red guitar and bright green locks. Our punk princess sure knows how to spice things up.

Videos courtesy of AvrilLavigneVEVO

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