MYXclusive: Why “Ang Babaeng Humayo” Is A Must Watch Movie!

Here's the thing, Ang Babaeng Humayo is undoubtedly one of the most stunning local films made this 2016. We were able to attend the Asian premiere of Lav Diaz's latest masterpiece and we just want to profusely praise every single element of this movie.

The film brought honor to the country - winning the highly coveted Golden Lion Award in the recently concluded 73rd Venice Film Festival. That's already one big reason for you to check it out. But we will give you some more reasons why it is worth watching!

The almost four-hour film was shot in Lav Diaz's signature steady camera framing and revolved around a woman's journey of revenge and her effort to pick up the pieces of her broken family after being a prisoner for three grueling decades.

Inspired by Leo Tolstoy's short story "God Sees The Truth But Waits", what makes Ang Babaeng Humayo amazing is the fact that it really depicts what happens in our society especially during the 90s when kidnapping was rampant. The movie may be a product of Lav's creativity but it's a reflection of Filipinos' lives. He exposed the ongoing dilemma of social injustice in the country as well as issues of the LGBT community.

You'll find it hard to believe that Charo Santos hasn't graced the big screen in 17 years because of her stellar performance for a role this challenging. Another revelation is John Lloyd Cruz as a transvestite named Hollanda who thinks life is already worthless. You'll be shocked at how the character will change Horacia's life for good.

Basically, the movie is a silver screen adaptation of real moments, real drama, and real lives that will make its audience think, reflect, and analyze our society in a deeper manner via Lav Diaz's award-winning and dramatically elegant cinematic storytelling. Kudos to everyone behind Ang Babaeng Humayo! It is still showing in cinemas so don't dare miss it.

Did you watch "Ang Babaeng Humayo"? What can you say about this film? Leave us a comment!