WATCH: THE WEEKND Gets Reborn In “Starboy” Music Video!

It seems like The Weeknd's signature dreads is not the only thing that's changed for the Canadian R&B sensation. After dropping the music video for his upcoming album's title track "Starboy", it's pretty obvious he wants nothing from his 'past self.'

In the Grant Singer-directed video, the singer dies from suffocation. He was later reborn as Starboy with his cropped head of hair and started smashing things from his old house with a bright pink cross. His old records and award trophies weren't spared from the frenzy.

Before posting the cover art of "Starboy" on his Instagram page, he wiped his social media account clean—a foretelling of what's about to transpire in his next album.

Watch the first step to The Weeknd's new era of music below.

Video Courtesy: TheWeekndVEVO

A couple hours after the release, the Grammy-winning artist hinted at *another* track on Twitter.

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