LOOK: FETTY WAP Is Getting Sued For "TRAP QUEEN" Beat!

A Danish songwriter, who is claiming he owns the beat of the two-year old hit song Trap Queen, filed a lawsuit against its singer Fetty Wap and producer Tony Fadd, TMZ reported. 

Lazar Lakic said in the case that Wap and Fadd did not ask for his permission to use the beat called Hello which he "exclusively purchased the rights" from the producer himself in 2014. 

One year after Trap Queen became successful (4x platinum in US), Fadd contacted Lakic to reclaim the rights of Hello but the songwriter rejected. He demanded to "destroy" all the copies and halt the sales of Trap Queen and get a profit from Wap over the song's fame.

Navarro Grey, Wap's attorney, told TMZ that it is impossible and if Lakic will be awarded damages, they'll have Fadd cover it as they "legally bought" the beat from him and has a contract to prove it. 

Watch Trap Queen below!  

Video Courtesy: harlem fetty

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