MYXclusive: BANDA NI KLEGGY Gets Serious In New Album?

Ang album na may dalawang pamagat

Banda Ni Kleggy is back with the dual-titled album Medyo Serious/Semi-Formal. BNK's new record was distributed by Universal Records and released digitally by Warner Music.

Aside from trippy and happy-go-lucky songs that the band is known for, Medyo Serious/Semi-Formal is also infused with serious tracks filled with social commentary including their current single"Pare-Pareho" featuring Bayang Barrios.

Banda Ni Kleggy was backed by their Soupstar Entertainment family during the launch, along with Talata and Tanya Markova who opened the night.

Thanks to his current obsession with spoken word, lead singer Kleggy came up with a "Hugot Open Mic" gimmick before their set. Among those who recited their short hugot piece onstage were Jazz of Gracenote, and Kean and Tatsi of Callalily.

As for the Semi-Formal part, the band members performed in their killer suit and boxer shorts combo - with Kleggy taking it further by wearing adult diapers.

Rapper Aikee also joined BNK onstage for a live performance of "Pabili Po"!

Get to know more about Banda Ni Kleggy's latest album in the MYXclusive video below!

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