EXCLUSIVE: Jessie J Doesn't Care About Grabbing Her Crotch

Jessie J certainly has balls to say that she don't mind grabbing her crotch or do "manly" gestures to emphasize a point. That's what she said to the press at her junket in Singapore where she answered the intrigue circling on her video "Do It Like A Dude".

"The whole point of that song is to make an impact and get people's attention. And I think it did that," says Jessie J. The inspiration came to be when Jessie hung out in a club and seeing guys treat girls like objects for their pleasure, which was okay, even cool for guys. But it's an entirely different story if girls did that, calling them names and all sorts of labels. 

To be fair, she wrote the song "Do It Like A Dude" to make fun of these guys gestures. This sends a message that girls can do it too - loosen up, have fun like men do and not get judged by it. You go, Jessie!

Here's more of Jessie's story on how she wrote the song "Do It Like A Dude". Watch the video below!