MYXclusive: CHARICE Talks About Her New Album "Catharsis"!

After years of searching for her musical identity, Charice has finally found the perfect sound that suits her powerful voice. 

Charice's identity as an artist has evolved through the years. And if there's something that remains true until now - it's that her voice can perfectly sing whatever piece of arrangement you ask her to perform. The international music scene can testify to Charice's powerful singing voice. And now, she's re-introducing herself as an artist of her own, penning 10 out of 11 songs from her latest album "Catharsis"! 

In case you're wondering what kind of songs Charice has to offer in her new album- it's something far from the Charice we used to listen to. She's quite ready to hear the reaction the masses have when they listen to her new songs. And oh, she has a song for all the haters out there. *winks

Watch the MYXclusive video below:

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