LOOK: A Glimpse Of EMMA WATSON As Belle In "Beauty And The Beast" Photos!

Emma Watson is perhaps the perfect choice for the role of Belle in the live-action remake of Disney classic film Beauty and the Beast. Everyone is already excited to see the finished product but we all have to wait until May 2017 to see it in theaters. Fortunately for us, we get a glimpse of the movie with these photos leaked online via Stitch Kingdom!

The photos give us a first look at the two main characters, Emma as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast!

The first one features Emma in a library setting - the opening scene in the original movie. 

Photographed dancing with her Prince - Beast, Belle is wearing her Tale As Old As Time yellow gown.

In the meantime, you can watch this bonus video where Emma and Dan are reading their lines together!

Video Courtesy: Disney Movies Anywhere

You can check out this short trailer released earlier this year. Hit that replay button as much as you can!

Video Courtesy: Movieclips Trailers

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