LOOK: DEMI LOVATO Calls Out Fan For Unrealistic Drawing!

Known to be an advocate of positive body image, Demi Lovato critized a fan art for unrealistic portrayal her body, particularly her breasts, which earned her a backlash from netizens. 

Two months ago, 17-year-old Romanian Lovatic Vladimir Serbanescu posted in his instagram account a hand-drawn image of Demi as a mermaid, inspired by Demi's promotional photo for her song Body Say.


And if my body had a say I would come again #BodySay

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When Demi came across a repost of the photo, she commented that the art is "gorgeous" but that's not how her body and breasts look like. Vladimir responded immediately, saying that what he drew is a mythical creature version of Demi and it doesn't intend to say that girls should look like that. He added, he's not proud of his art anymore. 

Demi commented again on the fan's response, pointing out that it's "equally offensive" to change her body because it "isn't good enough."

Many fans slammed Demi for being "ungrateful" and harsh on her fan's art. This also led to another Twitter user editing the image to make Demi's body larger which became viral. 

Fans accused the edited photo of body shaming Demi, citing that she struggled an eating disorder and they should just take down the photo. 

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