MYXclusive: AUTOTELIC's “Papunta Pabalik” Album Will Make You Dance... And Cry!

2016 is indeed Autotelic's time to really shine in the local music scene. After becoming our MYX Spotlight artist for January and getting signed by MCA Music, the band behind the "Iyak Sayaw" genre has finally released their major label album Papunta Pabalik!

"Ngayon lang nag-sink in na sobrang overwhelming siya. Lahat ng hirap, lahat ng puyat, lahat ng sacrifice namin ng oras, lahat ngayon na-immortalize na siya sa CD na 'to," frontman Josh Villena said during our MYXclusive interview.

On the day of digital and physical release of Papunta Pabalik, the band's followers raved about it online - with the hashtag #PapuntaPabalik trending on Twitter for almost 24 hours. What a nice feat before the official album launch which was held last Saturday at B-Side.

When we asked why they named this 10-track album Papunta Pabalik, the band described it as a "roller coaster of emotions and experiences as they journey through life". According to Josh, he's a very nostalgic type of person and the album's name itself was devised by this affection of wistfulness. Truly, they are the masters of the art of looking back to the past as the songs were based on true experiences.

The band also said that that they finally found that true Autotelic sound while creating this record. They made sure everything was plotted out and that each of the member's parts are remarkably highlighted from the beginning until the end of a track.

Autotelic presents refreshing pop rock music inspired by the 80s and 90s. And with its synth and electronic parts, it is indeed the groovy and danceable kind of pop rock, but packed with emotive song lyrics.

As expected, the album launch was jam-packed! The band was joined by friends from the indie scene. Ang Bandang Shirley and Jensen and the Flips opened the night.

This month's MYX Spotlight artist MilesExperience also performed during the launch while Sud electrified everyone as well!

Josh, Kai, Neil, Pabs, EJ, and Gep opened with a new Autotelic instrumental intro and rocked out to "Gising" and closed the show with "Dahilan"!

They poured their hearts out while playing the songs from Papunta Pabalik! They truly enjoyed this new milestone in their young career - and witnessing how their fans truly appreciate their music was indeed the icing on the cake.

We got the chance to listen the whole album! Here are the Papunta Pabalik tracks in a nutshell:


If you're wondering what's with the band hashtag #jeng #jengjengjeng that has been circulating for a while now, this song is the one to blame. It talks about letting yourself drown in the feeling of being in love.


You'll hear the band's 80s influence in this tune which is alluring and groovy from start to finish. The song talks about accepting challenges in order to achieve what you truly deserve, in life or love. Listen to this if you need to feel motivated. Or if you want to just sit on the beach and daydream.


This tackles the romantic relationship woes of someone who hopes to work it out in spite of their volatile situation as lovers. "And I can be yours and you can be mine and together we'll find our time," this sad song states.


"Laro" is perhaps one of the most personal songs that Josh wrote in this album. At first, you'll think that the song is just about missing your childhood games. Kudos to the brilliant use of Filipino street game references in this profound track. "Puso natin ay Patintero sa ulan / Pagsasama natin ay tagu-taguan / Langit ka, ako naman ang nasa lupa"


It's the very first song that Autotelic made. Listen to this in order to understand what Autotelic is all about. They re-recorded and polished the track for Papunta Pabalik!


Packed with upbeat and well-mixed guitar and drum work, it's about acquiring inspiration from someone else. Clocking at almost five minutes, it's the perfect song to pump you up on your daily grind.

Close Your Eyes

It mainly talks about not giving up on yourself no matter how difficult the situations in your life are. "Close Your Eyes" is also one of four tracks that had a little "makeover" for this album.


The danceable track is about remembering how fun childhood really is and the fact that we can't return to those days is just bittersweet. "Gusto kong awitin, palayain ang nadaramang 'di ko maipaliwanag"


Another notable Autotelic song that they retooled. Josh describes the story of "Dahilan" as "ang malapit nang pagbitiw sa isang relasyon dahil malalim na ang sugat at hindi na ito maayos-ayos." Listen again to the band's MYXclusive acoustic performance below:


Last but not the least, the tenth track of Papunta Pabalik is this LSS-including, soft-sounding song. It has a tantalizing groove and melodramatic lines about that sensation of still longing for someone during your waking hours. It seems Autotelic has found a mushy movie soundtrack candidate in "Hanap". Give it a listen any time of the day and think of that person you really miss! Enjoy the "feels trip" along the way.


Papunta Pabalik is now out under MCA Music! Watch out MYXclusive interview with Autotelic below and get to know more about their new album!

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