MYXclusive: KIANA VALENCIANO Releases New Song, "Circles"!

Kiana Valenciano is slowly but surely gaining ground in the music industry. After reaching over 100,000 followers on Instagram, the talented daughter of Gary Valenciano released a brand new single called “Circles”. Independently released, the song is co-written, co-arranged, and co-produced by Kiana with her legendary father.

The young singer was bound to take up a career in music as it is in her blood. In “Circles”, you can hear her influences of R&B and electronic music in her songwriting. Kiana said that working with her dad was both easy and hard. Easy because they already know what vibe best suits the songs they create. But since the said they're both perfectionists, the task of finshing them makes things a bit more difficult. “So kahit okay na ‘yung song, we’ll listen to it over and over and over again.”, Kiana added. She also noted that this won’t be the last song that she’ll produce along with Mr. Gary V.

Kiana prefers writing sad songs like “Circles” than creating happy songs but that doesn’t mean that she’s hopeless romantic or sad about her current love life. She just feels that it’s easier to write sad song lyrics.

Her journey in the field of music reached greater heights when she won the Most Promising New Female Singer of a radio station with “With You”, a duet with her dad which she wrote for her older brother Paolo’s wedding.

During our MYXclusive interview, she also stated some of her favorite artists when we asked about her musical influences. Also, the music video of “Circles” is already in the works so watch out for that.

Get to know more about Kiana Valenciano’s new single “Circles” by watching our MYXclusive interview below!


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