Here's How You Can Enjoy Earth Hour Tonight!

It's time to give back to the Earth tonight! Let's support Earth Hour by turning off all your lights from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM! Everyone in the entire planet will participate in this annual global activity so make sure you are one with the world with Earth Hour!

Don't worry, we only get to experience darkness for only 1 hour. Compared to our constant harmful activities to the Earth, this is just our small help so we can let the Earth breathe and rest for 60 minutes. We can all do that right?

Shutting down all our lights doesn't mean we shouldn't have fun. Here are a few activities we can do during the Earth Hour!

1. Bring out the guitar and sing

Remember when we used to sing while waiting for electricity to be restored during brownouts? It's still an immensely fun activity you can do with your friends and family. Bring out the latest issue of  MYX Magazine, flip your pages to the Chords and Lyrics section and jam along to the latest songs on the MYX charts

2. Light painting

Bring out the camera and do some light painting! Have your friends or family write their names with a lighted object and try to capture the magic with your handy-dandy digital cameras. It can be tricky and may take you a few tries to master but once you get it, it will create amazing art and memories too!

3. Candlelight dinner

Enjoy a lovely meal with your family or friends, even with your special someone in candlelight. You're sure to learn more about your "date" with the dim lighting and the cold summer night ambiance tonight. Isn't this romantic?

 4. Fly wish lanterns

These wish lanterns are the cutest things you can use to be one with the Earth Hour spirit. Have your whole barkada set up an entire fleet of lanterns that you can send off as soon as everyone shuts off their lights. Send a wish too and include your hopes for Mother Earth too.

5. Join your community's Earth Hour activities

Be involved! Learn more about what's happening around you! If your neighborhood is organizing something for the Earth Hour, make sure you participate. You can also drop by the huge Earth Hour events near you. Your small gestures becomes more special when you see that you are not alone in the cause.

DON'T FORGET! TURN OFF ALL YOUR LIGHTS AT 8:30 PM! Let's all be one with the rest of the world! Let's all do our part!