WATCH: 10 Pinoy Spoken Word Artists Who Caught Our Attention!

Words are even more powerful when voiced out, they can touch or even hurt people.

With the popularity of American poets like Sarah Kaye and Phil Kaye and the television exposure of spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo in On The Wings Of Love, Filipinos' love for spoken word poetry has been rekindled. More and more artists are stepping up to the mic like these 10 brave individuals. See them bare their souls and give life to their characters!

1. Maimai Cantillano

Maimai is a starting slam poet whose piece "Sa Pagitan Ka Natagpuan" became viral on social media. The Bataan Peninsula State University student's poem is inspired by her first love, her friends' experiences, and Moira Dela Torre's song "Malaya". She had a hard time writing it but succeeded to pierce through people's emotions.

Other poems to check out: "Kapag Nakita Mo Na Siya" (her favorite piece)

Video Courtesy: The Yard at 62

2. Henri Igna

Henri is a member of spoken word group Words Anonymous. In his poem "Masarap Kang Magtimpla Ng Kape", he compares the love of his life to coffee which never fails to wake him up, one that he'll always choose even if it gets cold.

Other poems to check out: "Taxi", "Constipated"

Video Courtesy: Henri Joshua Igna

3. Angel Cruz

The Word Anonymous fellow shares something about dreaming of doing other things and deciding to turn the other direction with her poem "Gypsy".

Other poems to check out: "Isosceles" (an Intramuros Rising III piece)

Video Courtesy: Words Anonymous

4. Abby Oreta

"Hindi Namatay Si Rizal Para Lumandi Ka" is a socially relevant poem by Abby. Tackling some of the country's tragedies like the Maguindanao massacre, Kidapawan carnage, typhoons Ondoy and Yolanda, the poem is a calling to reflect on ourselves and do something for our country.

Other poems to check out: "300 seconds", "Prince and Bowery"

Video Courtesy: Tedx Talks

5. Zuela Herrera

When Words Anonymous collaborated with indie band Sud for the album Skin, Zuela created a poem called "Dulo't Simula" inspired by the song "Sila". A love surrounded with many obstacles but still endures until the end.

Other poems to check out: "Ako Naman", "Marka"

Video Courtesy: SINDIKATO

6. Slac Cayamanda

Slac founded the group White Wall Poetry out of his love for arts. He has been invited to different slam events in and out of the country. Watch him perform "Dysporia". If once in your life, you felt you weren't enough, this poem is for you!

Video Courtesy: Franz Pantaleon

7. Eunice Andrada

The Filipino-Aussie poet won a global Spoken Word for the World award for her piece "Pacific Salt". It follows the story of monstrous typhoons that hit the Philippines because of climate change.

Video Courtesy: The Red Room Company

8. Michelle Manese

Michelle's poem "Woman, Fight Back" is a letter to all women to be brave, to defend themselves from "the worst monsters", learn how to say no, and uphold freedom, always.

Other poems to check out: "Lungs", "This-Feeling-That-Should-Not-Be-Named"

Video Courtesy: Words Anonymous

9. Gillian Figueroa

The Artidope poet delivers a very compelling poem about people who loved but not in a relationship. "Para Sa Mga Taong Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nasugatan At Bumangon" teaches you to love yourself.

Other poems to check out: "Tagpo"

Video Courtesy: The Artidope

10. Rod Marmol

Rod is the person behind Facebook page that posts #hugot poems, Utot Catalog. The poem "Ganito Lang Ako, Simpleng Oto" gives life to an old car's views which is likened to the speaker's lovelife.

Other poems to check out: "Ang Kwento Ng Lumamig Na Putahe", "Isang Bouquet Ng Posas"

Video Courtesy: Ning Buning

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