LOOK: 3 Reasons Why Tinder + Spotify = Perfect Match!

For all the (music) lovers out there, this one's for you!

We all know Tinder can be a source of a lot of fun. Plus, there are actually tons of wholesome reasons to use the dating app. But Tinder may have just given us another reason to use it - help us find someone who loves the same kind of music as we do.


You're gonna want to swipe the volume up - all the way up. #TinderAnthem music by @spotify.

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Tinder and Spotify's partnership enables other users to actually see which artists you are listening to and judge you based on your music preferences. But no worries, you have the option to hide those embarrassing tracks that you secretly jam to. And oh, you can actually choose your own "anthem", the song which best describes you as a person!

1. The Tinder-Spotify integration will help you decide to choose the best potential romantic mate by going beyond the cute profile photos, funny one-liner bio, and a few TV and movie interests.


2. Music says a lot about someone's personality! Tinder + Spotify will give you an idea about other people's deeper interests through their music preferences!


3. A study shows that bad taste in music can ruin a relationship. So if you find someone with the same faves, better swipe right!


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