WATCH: GRIMES Drops Seven Music Videos All Shot In Europe!

Grimes takes us on a tour of Europe in a 38-minute video series dubbed 'The Ac!d Reigns Chronicle' for her 2015 album, Art Angels. The project features four tracks from her latest album (World Princess Part II, Butterfly, Scream ft. Aristophanes, Belly of the Beat) and three from HANA's self-titled EP (Chimera, Underwater, Avalanche).

In a note posted by Grimes on Twitter, she shared how she, her brother/co-director Mac Boucher and collaborator HANA taped the music videos with their mobile phones during a 2-week 'The Ac!d Reign' tour. "They are guerrilla style vids, a la realiti, so there was no crew, makeup, cameras, lights. Just us and a phone so don't expect anything too fancy. That said, we're really proud of what we made," she added.

Watch the individual videos through HANA and Grimes official Youtube account or check out the project in director's cut compilation below:

Video courtesy: Grimes


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