WATCH: 5 Must-See Hollywood Movies This October!

There are a lot of films coming out this month but we know you but you can't afford to catch all of them. If you're having a hard time choosing which movie to watch this October, we're here to help you decide. 

1. The Girl On The Train

Paula Hawkins' best-selling thriller novel finally hits the big screen! The film follows the story of Rachel, a woman whose memory is getting clouded because of alcoholism. She experiences extreme paranoia after the mysterious disappearance of a woman she while on a train. If you're into suspense and thriller films, then this is a must-see! The Girl On The Train is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

Video courtesy: Universal Pictures 

2. Deepwater Horizon

Based on true events, Deepwater Horizon follows the heart-breaking story of 126 crew members who died aboard an oil rig owned by the Swiss company Transocean and leased by British Petroleum. Considered as one of the largest man-made disasters in recorded history, Deepwater Horizon is a film that will surely make you cry buckets of tears. The film is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

Video courtesy: Lionsgate Movies

3. Keeping Up With The Joneses

The Gaffneys are living a quiet life in a suburban city until two secret government agents disguised as a perfect couple who moved in! Eventually, the Gaffneys will find themselves taking part in an international espionage. Looking for an action-packed comedy film to watch? Keeping Up With The Joneses should be on top of your list! The film opens on October 19 in cinemas near you!

Video courtesy: 20th Century Fox

4. Ouija: Origin of Evil

Ouija is probably one of the scariest board games (apart from the never-ending Monopoly board game) ever invented! The latest Ouija film takes place in 1974 where a widowed mother invited an evil spirit inside her own home! Nothing beats a horror film when you want to watch in a dark, and imaginably spooky place like a cinema. So if you want to scream at the top of your lungs along with other moviegoers, catch Ouija: Origin of Evil on October 26! Yep, just in time for Halloween!

Video courtesy: ColumbiaPicturesPhils

5. Inferno

After the commercial success of Dan Brown's controversial novel-turned-movie series, the third installment to Robert Langdon's thought-provoking mystery adventure is finally here to hit the big screen! In the film, Robert will try to unearth the meaning behind Dante Alighieri's 14th century epic poem. Will he pick up the right clues for everything to finally make sense? Be a symbologist yourself while watching this mystery thriller film! Inferno opens on October 28 in cinemas nationwide!

Video courtesy: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Which among these films are you excited to see? Feel free to leave a comment!