LOOK: Disney's ENCHANTED Sequel Is Underway!

We've been dreaming of a sequel to the fairy tale musical Enchanted for nearly 10 years! And now, Disney's turning it into a reality after tapping Hairspray director Adam Shankman to direct the follow-up movie.

Shankman confirmed the news on his Twitter account.

The 2007 musical fantasy's next installment Disenchanted resumes 10 years after Enchanted. The plot starts with Princess Giselle starting to wonder if she truly found her "happily ever after" which turned over the lives of everyone in Andalasia and the real world.

Disney aims to begin its production in the summer of next year, with Amy Adams' expected return as Giselle. There is still no news of Patrick Dempsey, James Marden and Idina Menzel's comeback as Robert, Prince Edward and Nancy, respectively.


This is definitely what brings everaftering so happy!!!

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