LOOK: CLARA BENIN Unveils Live Acoustic Version of "Tila"!

"Naririnig mo ba ang puso ko?" Clara Benin tweets along with the *surprise* video!

Former MYX Spotlight artist Clara Benin recently released a quiet yet beautiful raw and acoustic video of her Riverchild EP track Tila.

In the video, the 22-year-old singer stands with her acoustic guitar in the middle of the trees, a simple approach that captures the song's serenity. And as she went on singing, her incredible vocals immerses the listener deep into song, almost like a lullaby. The track will free everyone's mind of worries and doubts. It's just the trees, wind and Clara's melancholic voice.

"Tila humihinto ang aking panahon / Walang naririnig kundi huni ng ibon / Umaawit /Dinadala ng ihip ng hangin / Tila gumaganda ng lalo mga rosas / Sabay, sabay silang sumasayaw / Sa hampas ng hangin / Dumadampi at bumubulong sayo"

Watch it below!

Video Courtesy: Clara Benin

The indie-folk artist first collaborated with Grilled Cheese Studios for the stripped-down version of her song Closure from her full-length album Human Eyes

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