MYXclusive: BRISOM Unleashes "Unplanned" Video!

Things fell right into place for Brisom at The 70s Bistro last October 8 as the up-and-coming band launched the official music video of their current single “Unplanned”!

Frontman Brian Sombero was hesitant at first to share the real story behind the song! He eventually admitted that it was originally inspired by an unplanned pregnancy, but added that it was pretty much open to different interpretations since we all have our fair share of unplanned moments in life. "Okay lang maging spontaneous while you're young. Do it, just have fun. And the video is all about that," said Brian.

In fact, the release of "Unplanned" as a single was unplanned too since they initially wanted to push another song from their debut album Limerence!

The music video was made possible by Robin Nievera's team along with Julian Rodriguez and the rest of AERO 360 Solutions. "Robin really wanted to direct the video 'cause he likes the song. Thankfully, Warner also likes our song," Brian noted.

Brisom is also planning to release another version of "Unplanned". This 360 video will be exclusively available online in a couple of months.

Meanwhile, joining Brisom at the launch were Asch, KISSLING, Still Steady, and crowd favorite December Avenue.

"Light up the fire and off we go!" Get to know more about Brisom's latest music video in our MYXclusive interview with the band below!

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