LOOK: 5 Moving Lines From “The Third Party”!

How does one learn to forego of 'what ifs' and accept 'what is'?

As seen on the trailer, The Third Party is about college lovers Andi (Angel Locsin) and Max (Sam Milby) whose ideal relationship was cut short when the latter went to the US to pursue his medical studies. When Max returns to the Philippines a few years later, the two decide to meet up - with Andi hoping to bring back their once brewing romance. But things fall out of place when Max introduces her to... wait for it ... his boyfriend named Christian (Zanjoe Marudo).

So what happened next? After a series of unfortunate events which left her feeling down and helpless, Andi seeks the help of Max and the three are forced to live in a duplex. Yep, just a knock away from each other. Will she finally learn to let go and move on?

Here are some of the most moving lines from the film:

Ako naman, bes. Tapos na siya eh.


Bes, the world does not revolve around you. Don't you think our decisions should be mutual?


Love isn't just a simple game that children play. Ipaglaban mo kung ano ang meron kayo, bes.


'Ika nga, change is constant. Even feelings change. Pero kapit lang, bes.


Because only then will you realize that your relationship is worth fighting for. Cheka.


The Third Party is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

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