WATCH: Senator Miriam Defensive At The MYX Music Awards!

The late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago was definitely one of the most beloved and colorful political figures in the country. She endeared herself to the Filipino public not just with her no-nonsense attitude on the job but also with her intelligent brand of humor!

One of her best impersonators is Jon Santos who became our MYX Celebrity VJ for December 2011. We invited the ultratalented stand-up comedian to present the award for Favorite International Video at the MYX Music Awards 2012 as one of his signature characters, Senator Miriam Defensive. The entire Music Museum cracked up with his spot-on impression of MDS especially when the sound engineer got a taste of the tough senator's "wrath"!

Truly, Miriam Defensor-Santiago has left an indelible mark in history and pop culture! Check out her hilarious counterpart Miriam Defensive in this clip which remains as one of the most viewed videos on our YouTube account!

What are your favorite jokes and quotes by the late Senator Miriam? Tell us in the comments!