LOOK: VJ JAIRUS Asks VJ SHARLENE To Be His Star Magic Ball Date (In A Very Millennial Way!)

VJ Jairus just made his sweetest move yet as he proposed to become VJ Sharlene's date to this year's Star Magic Ball over a cup of tea! Our man right here made his romantic proposal by sending her a custom-made calligraphy artwork with the text "Will you be my Star Magic Ball date?" in the most millennial way - via AirDrop!

But that's not all! It was followed by a *kilig* convo on Twitter!

Check out the cute reactions from fellow celebs like spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo and VJ Sharlene's beshie Miles Ocampo!

Did she say "Yes"? Will we be seeing JaiLene together at the 10th Star Magic Ball on October 22? Catch our live social media updates by following @myxphilippines on Twitter and @myxph on Instagram!

What can you say about VJ Jairus' romantic move? Tell us in the comments!



  • hanieee

    posted 11 months ago


  • hanieee

    posted 11 months ago

    Where to find a guy like this? 😍😍😍 goodness VJ Sharlene! Ikaw na! These young couple just gave me more reason to anticipate this year's SMB. 😍😍😍