MYXclusive: ELMO MAGALONA Releases His Long-Awaited Debut Album!

Growing up in the spotlight, you'd think Elmo Magalona would be the typical stuck-up kid who thinks he can rule the world or in his case, the music industry. Instead, the late Master Rapper's son waited five years "for the right time, to have the right experience" before deciding it is now time to launch his debut album.

Titled ELMO in big bold black letters, his first solo album features ten tracks about love and life including four songs from his teleserye Born For You, a brand new duet with leading lady Janella Salvador, and the lead single "Kay Dali" which is currently at the #2 on the MYX Hit Chart, Pinoy MYX Countdown, and MYX Daily Top 10 Pinoy Edition!

True enough, ELMO is an album "really worth buying and listening to over and over again." But the talented heartthrob is already looking to the future - he hopes to do an album featuring covers of his father's songs plus a collaboration with either Sarah Geronimo or Sponge Cola.

Everyone at the press conference got an exclusive first look at his next music video "Tayo Na". The singer bopped his head up and down to the rap parts — which he wrote himself! — as all eyes in the room were directed at the screen. Watch out for the premiere of "Tayo Na" on MYX soon!

In the meantime, you can catch MYX Celebrity VJ Elmo on Mellow MYX this week! Plus, he's the featured artist on MYXed Lives this Friday, October 21 at 6pm and 9pm!

Check out our MYXclusive photos of the press conference here.

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