LOOK: 5 Funniest Lines From "Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?"

In Viva Films' latest offering, Anne Curtis plays a girl named Kylie who thinks all handsome men are homosexual after repeatedly falling for good-looking guys who turned out to be gay. Her bestie Benj (Paolo Ballesteros) is a closeted gay man who opted to become a wedding planner. He couldn't contain his excitement when his childhood friend Diego (Dennis Trillo) returns from the States since he has a huge crush on the latter.

But when they finally meet up, Benj gets disappointed since Diego is getting married to a... woman. Worse, he agrees to plan their wedding. Hoping he could change the course of things and win Diego's heart, Benj seeks the help of Kylie's "gaydar" to find out his real sexuality. Will they prove that he's gay or will it turn out to be just a mere assumption?

A guaranteed feel-good movie that will literally get you laughing until the end, Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend? is something you should watch right now. Whether you are having a bad day or you just simply want to get entertained, go see this movie! We listed down some of the funniest lines from the film:

How about bekibells?


Triplets? Quadruplets? Quintuplets? Or how about octuplets?


'Di ba pwedeng hug? Kandong agad? Easyhan mo, bes.


May 34% pa. Laban!


Siya na ang lider ng mga baby beks.


Bakit Lahat Ng Gwapo May Boyfriend? is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

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