MYXclusive: “Pogi Years Old” Is Classic PAROKYA NI EDGAR!

With a six-year gap since their last album, people might say that Parokya Ni Edgar took a very long break. But the truth is they never stopped recording and composing songs in between gigs and promotions.

"When it comes to matagal na walang album, I don't think it matters to our fans naman din kasi… I don't think they care. If we have a new song, they're happy. If we play our old songs, they're happy," frontman Chito Miranda said in our MYXclusive interview a few days after the official album launch.

Titled Pogi Years Old, their latest studio album offers the classic Parokya ni Edgar sound. Unlike others who might be alarmed with constantness, PNE knows what works for their listeners after being in the industry for two decades. With no makeup or stylist, the band just took a photo inside a room that has good lighting and that became the cover of the album. It's their way of saying "this is who we are."

Pogi Years Old is a well-rounded and spontaneous album, containing 14 Filipino songs, 2 English tracks, and 5 fillers about love, humor, and their life experiences. It features collaborations with Gloc-9, Frank Magalona, and Rico Blanco.

Vinci Montaner, whose version of "Beautiful Girl" by Jose Mari Chan is included in the album, announced that he's officially back in Parokya. His bandmates pay tribute to him on the track "Francis Vincent Montaner, Back-up Extraordinaire"!

"The fact that they can relate as in barkada...ganyan kami oh, barkada... and it inspires them na hanggang pagtanda gusto ko magkakabarkada din kami, that's all we have to offer as a band," Chito said.

Check out the MYXclusive photos from the presscon here!

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  • jamaitian

    posted 10 months ago

    kayo na talaga ang naging number one....the best kayo parokya ni edgar....idol's....!!!!!!

  • Dj_C823

    posted 10 months ago

    Fave q talaga ang lagi mong tatandaan..tagos ung message eh..seems like pra sa akin yung song..truth slap!😅😅😅