LOOK: THE CHAINSMOKERS Respond To Alleged Foul Tweet To HALSEY; Announce Upcoming EP!

It's been a rough ride for The Chainsmokers these past two weeks but Drew Taggart seems to be carrying much of the burden.

After Lady Gaga  clapped back at duo on Twitter, "Closer" collaborator Halsey caught the hearts of Gaga fans for her kind words toward the "Perfect Illusion" singer. However, things got worse for the duo when Drew allegedly cursed out Halsey. 

He was quick to respond saying that his account was hacked.  

In an interview with Pop Buzz, Drew explained how he reached out to Halsey after everything that transpired.  

Meanwhile, after teasing their fans for more than a week on their recently launched website, the DJ duo finally unveiled the artwork of upcoming EP "Collage"! Their new EP will feature the new song, "Setting Fires". Check out the artwork of their upcoming EP below:

Looks like things are looking up for the DJ duo. On the bright side, all this controversy seems to only generate publicity and excitement for their upcoming release.

Fast forward to November 4, please. 


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