WATCH: BLINK-182 Recreates Iconic "What's My Age Again?" For New Music Video!

For Blink-182's latest single "She's Out Of My Mind," the American rock band chose to spoof their iconic "What's My Age Again" video back in 1999. This time around, it's a trio of women in their birthday suits instead of band members Travis Barker, Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge running around and wreaking havoc in the streets. This new video is from their new album, California, which features new new guitarist Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio. 

Internet celebrities Lele PonsHannah Stocking and Vale Genta signed up to take over the roles of band while while actor-singer Adam Devine makes a cameo as the nurse from the original version. Watch Blink's parody of their own song below:

Video Courtesy: Spotify

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