WATCH: DOCTOR STRANGE Gets Hired For A Birthday Party!

When Jimmy Kimmel needed a magician for a children’s birthday party, he took to LinkedIn and hired the "Mightiest Magician In The Cosmos", Doctor Strange!

Played by the 40-year old British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, the Sorcerer Supreme who vanquishes demons, gods and evil magicians meets late night show host Jimmy Kimmel in this pretty amusing almost two and a half minute skit!

Even after finding out that he signed up for the wrong job, Strange still ended up accepting Jimmy's offer to perform parlor tricks at a rowdy children's party. How hard could making balloon animals be, right? Watch the video of Jimmy and Doctor Strange here:

Video Courtesy: Jimmy Kimmel Live


What can you say about this funny video from Jimmy Kimmel and Doctor Strange? Are you also excited to watch the upcoming movie? Feel free to leave a comment!