LOOK: GLOC-9 Shoots New Music Video!

Are you excited for Gloc-9's next single from his latest album Sukli? Well, you better be because he just shot a new music video!

As the rapper showed on his Facebook post, the music video was shot on a ship - giving everybody a clue on what his next single is.

Meanwhile, Mayonnaise frontman Monty Macalino shared a photo from the video shoot on Instagram!


Wednesday 2 Go.

A photo posted by Monty Macalino (@montymayo) on

So Gloc-9 + Monty on a ship... Yup, it's for the track "Sagwan" which is dedicated to hardworking Pinoy seamen!

We can't wait for this music video to come out! But in the meantime, check out their MYX Live! performance of "Sagwan"!

Are you looking forward to Gloc-9's new music video? Leave us a comment!