EXCLUSIVE: Jessie J Wishes BeyoncT's "Love On Top" Was Her Song

Jessie J has written almost all of the songs in her albums including her hits, "Price Tag" and "Domino". But if there was one song that Jessie J wished she had written, it will be BeyoncT's pitch bending, "Love On Top"!

It's an amazing song from the Queen Bee that even our local artists like Sarah Geronimo and Kyla have tried to sing this song like she did. Jessie J admitted that she too had difficulty with the pitch shifts!

That song is really tough to crack! But it seems like Jessie is inspired to write a song as awesome as BeyoncT's. Thinking about it, Jessie J has already written songs as cool as "Love On Top" like "Price Tag", "Domino" and "Do It Like A Dude"!

Watch her reaction as she was spazzing on "Love On Top"!