MYXclusive: GREYHOUNDZ Remains Strong After 19 Years!


Basically that's the best word to describe Greyhoundz! The band just celebrated their 19th year in the music scene last Friday at B-Side - and from what we've seen, the gang just keeps on getting tougher and stronger.

According to drummer TJ Brillantes, staying strong and defying the odds after 19 long years is really unexpected for them. Greyhoundz has retained their original lineup and remained friends through the years. The overflowing respect from fans and fellow musicians also served as catalysts for them to never stop playing.

On the other hand, guitarist Audie Avenido said that they really didn't notice the time. Then all of a sudden, they found themselves reflecting on everything that transpired during the past two decades.

As the local music scene continues to evolve and undergo different phases, Greyhoundz is among the unwavering ones who stuck to their signature style as lovers of metal, hip-hop, and blues.

When asked if they're planning something special for their solid supporters, the band said they might come up with an album in 2017 to celebrate their 20th year!

Frontman Reg Rubio thanked everyone who still loves their music and those who just started listening to Greyhoundz. During their anniversary show, the band played 19 of their most notable songs since their formation in 1997.

Despite their tough image, they're considered as one of the friendliest bands in the scene! So their pals from Saydie, Typecast, Motherbass, and Razorback were all happy to join the celebration.

Also present for a "double trouble" moment was Queso and Wilabaliw vocalist Ian Tayao who amplified the empathic performance of his long-time friend Reg!

It was a high-energy show all throughout. Fans went wild while screaming the words of Greyhoundz' songs.

Check out the lengthy #Greyhoundz19 setlist!


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Sunog lang ng sunog! Kudos to Greyhoundz on their 19th anniversary show which is undoubtedly one for the books. HUHAH!


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