WATCH: TAYLOR SWIFT Spoofed In “Family Guy” Episode!

Seth McFarlane's animated series Family Guy has mocked many celebrities since 1999! Now on its 15th season, the show decided to take on Taylor Swift!

Mirroring the famous lyrics of her hit song "Shake It Off", the episode was titled "Chris Has Got A Date, Date, Date, Date, Date" where ultimate Swiftie Stewie urges his brother Chris Griffin to ask Taylor to be his homecoming date through a video.

"Taylor" accepts his proposal and even shows off her awkward dance moves!


All seemed well until "Taylor" breaks up with Chris through the song "The Boy In The Giant Tux". She confesses, "I always do this. I ruin relationships with nice guys and John Mayer just so I can write songs about heartbreak and moving on."

She tries to make it up to him during a concert, but Swifties only want their idol when she's "miserable" so Chris makes the ultimate sacrifice. Watch it below!

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