MYXclusive: FIREFALLDOWN Unleashes "Halimaw"!

Rocking a brand new lineup and fresh aspirations, Firefalldown has risen from the ashes!

The band - which started in the UK underground scene - is taking baby steps in the local music scene with the release of their album Halimaw.

The self-proclaimed "indiest" indie band spent a lot of time, money, and effort in making this record.

Their sound is a mixture of their individual musical tastes which revolve around rock, funk, and punk. It's evident when you hear their nine-track album especially the groove of their latest single "Pictures".

Video Courtesy: firefalldownmusic

Fellow independent rock acts like Fuseboxx, Typecast, and Maryzark joined Firefalldown in their album launch.

Get to know more about Firefalldown's new album by watching our MYXclusive interview below!

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