LOOK: Book Vs. Movie: 5 Notable Differences In “Fallen”!

One of the biggest book-to-film adaptations of 2016 will surely enthrall both readers and non-readers alike.

Lauren Kate's Fallen, which sold more than 10 million copies worldwide, revolves around a 17 year-old-girl named Lucinda Price aka Luce who transferred to Sword and Cross Academy - a school for teenage kids with mental health problems - after an incident occurred in her hometown. She falls for Daniel, a fallen angel.

Apparently, they've been in love for thousands of years but Luce dies each time that Daniel tries to kiss her and gets reincarnated after 17 years. Will they put an end to the curse or will it continue forever? Plus, a love triangle ensues when a badass fallen angel named Cam comes into picture.

Lead actors Harrison Gilbertson and Addison Timlin were in town with author Lauren Kate to attend the red carpet premiere. They also visited the MYX studio to talk more about the film on the MYX Daily Top 10 International Edition and MYX Movie Date with VJ Sunny.

Here are some of the differences between the movie and the book:

1. Cam's gift to Luce was a black dress

Before they went out on a date, Cam left a paper bag outside Luce's room. In the book, it was a serpent necklace.

2. Molly bullied Luce in the hallway

The antagonistic character revealed how much she hated Luce even if it was just their first time to meet. In the book, this incident happened in the cafeteria.

3. Daniel ran from Luce when he first saw her

He ran away the moment he laid his eyes on Luce. In the book, Daniel smiled then flipped her off.

4. Daniel and Luce left Penn's dead body in the school

When Luce's friend Penn died, she was left with the rest of the fallen angels inside the campus. In the book, they left her body inside the chapel where she was killed.

5. Daniel and Luce sealed their first kiss on the school's terrace

After Luce remembered everything about her past with Daniel, she met with him in the school terrace and they sealed their first kiss in her reincarnated life. In the book, they kissed on the beach.

Watch the official trailer of Fallen below:

Video Courtesy: Lauren Kate

Fallen is now showing in Philippine cinemas!

Have you watched the film? What were some of the differences you noticed between the book and the film? Tell us in the comments!