LOOK: TAYLOR SWIFT Throws LORDE A Birthday Party In New York!

Being part of Taylor Swift's squad means that you get a sweet birthday message from her and squad member Lorde definitely got something special! Even better than a shoutout is Tay throwing the Kiwi singer a birthday party in New York, where the two first got together. Awww.

The birthday girl posted on Instagram a series of snaps noting how it was the "best birthday party i've ever had tonight surrounded by my nyc family."


a tough as guts balloon veteran

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In attendance for Lorde's 20th birthday bash were Tay, Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, Jack and Rachel Antonoff, Mae Whitman, Tavi Gevinson, and Aziz Ansari. Check out all the photos from Lorde's party:


happiest birthday girl in the world

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made my wishes ?

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..but really a total sweet baby balloon enthusiast ????

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When you both wear cat shirts ??@azizansari

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WOMEN am I right

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& that's why they call me LONG TONGUE MCGEE

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What would you like for your presents, pray / look in the toy shop choose and say / the fairies will bring it straight away ??

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When you load up on the bronzer for ya girls birthday. HB @lordemusic ?? xx

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Before the party, Lorde posted on Facebook a lengthy album update for her fans, revealing she's in New York to get the sophomore album done. "I just need to keep working a while longer to make it as good as it can be. You'll have to hold on. The big day is not tomorrow, or even next month realistically, but soon."

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