MYXclusive: SITTI Goes Electro!

For a woman who has already established her own unique sound in the Philippine music industry, Sitti is just like the rest of us. The country's bossa nova queen jams to the same songs that we do. When she's partying in the club or just chilling at home, she would dance and scream the lyrics to "Titanium".

On November 25 & 26, Sitti is celebrating her 10th anniversary in the music scene with a concert titled ElectroSITTI featuring her bossa nova hits and new electronic music. She will be joined by Jason Dy, Loonie, DJ Silver Filter, and the UST Percussion Ensemble during the two-night event at the Music Museum.

So why is Sitti trying out a new genre? "I wanted to be a part of others partying and to reach out to the younger ones also. We all know that electronic music is very popular ngayon so aside from those reasons, I just also wanted to have fun. And explore. And experiment."

Sitti has collaborated with good friend Silver Filter to produce EDM. "Bid You Love", a song about feeling too much and being filled with so much desire, is just one of the new tracks that fans should watch out for.

She's more excited than afraid of the experiment. "It's more of dipping into a different world, getting my feet wet, my hair wet, but I don't think I'm really gonna veer away from the bossa nova part of me," said the 31-year-old.

"I'm very hopeful that the songs would grow on [the fans and the audience]. And it will be a part of the club playlist, na people would be dancing along to it and singing along to it like I do with "Titanium".

Check out our MYXclusive photos of the presscon here.

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