LOOK: “The Wailing” Is A Must-See Korean Thriller!

Cinema One Originals 2016 opened with a screening of the critically-acclaimed Korean horror thriller The Wailing.

The film follows the story of Jong-gu - a policeman who was forced to unravel the mystery behind the multiple homicides in their rural village. But when his daughter slowly turns possessed, he becomes even more motivated to find out who is behind all the demonic possessions and killings in their place. Will he successfully put an end to all the diabolical events?

The Wailing is indeed a masterpiece of its own - exceeding the expectations of moviegoers who sat through 156 minutes of intense suspense scenes. With all the twists and turns of the storyline, everyone was left speechless at the end.

Watch the official U.S. trailer of The Wailing below:

Video Courtesy: Well Go USA Entertainment

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  • Mhel Faye

    posted 10 months ago

    Wanna watch!!!