MYXclusive: ISSA RODRIGUEZ Launches “Unan” Music Video!

We hug a pillow as we sleep off the stress and anxiety after a long, restless day in school or work. We also hold one as we cry ourselves to sleep after a breakup, the death of a beloved, or anything gut-wrenching. Indeed, the comfort that an unan gives is immeasurable.

For singer-songwriter Issa Rodriguez, her best friend Marco Morales is her unan. As a matter of fact, he was the inspiration for her second single "Unan" after the success of her debut single "Misteryoso" back in June.

The music video was produced by her brother-in-law and Pinoy Dream Academy alum RJ Jimenez. Issa also serenaded the audience accompanied by a piano and a violin.

The night also featured performances from indie acts Paolo Mallari, Jorik & Bienne, and former MYX Spotlight artist Dane Hipolito.

Watch the music video for "Unan" below:

Video Courtesy: Issa Rodriguez

Check out our MYXclusive photos during the video launch HERE.

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