MYXclusive: Meet The Voice Of Moana!

Moana follows the story of a young Polynesian Princess who goes on a quest to save her people while fulfilling the unfinished quest of her ancestors. She seeks the help of demigod Maui to find her way across the seas. Will she succeed in her mission?

Video Courtesy: Walt Disney Animation Studios

We'll give you five reasons why Moana is more than just your ordinary Disney Princess! And yes, we won't spoil anything. Pinky swear!

She is an independent woman

Moana doesn't need a man in order to complete her quest. Well, Maui is an exception since he's a demigod after all.

She went beyond the norm.

Moana basically broke her father's rules. But she did it to spark a change and prove that there's more to just sitting still and looking pretty.

She did everything to protect her people.

In recorded history, most princesses ask knights and soldiers to protect their kingdom. Moana did the opposite. Yep, she fought the dangers of the sea herself.

She searched for her true identity.

You must come to know yourself before you can lead others. And Moana did just that.

She wants to empower other women.

Moana sailed far beyond the reef surrounding their island which the men weren't able to do. #SLAY

Meanwhile, VJ Ai attended the Moana press junket in Singapore where she had a MYXclusive interview with Auli'i Cravalho, the voice of Moana, and Janella Salvador who performed the song "How Far I'll Go" for its Philippine release! Check out the MYX Movie Date feature below!

Moana is now showing in cinemas near you!

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