WATCH: JOJO Drops "FAB." Music Video!

JoJo just unveiled the music video for "FAB.", her rage-filled single from her latest album Mad Love. The title is an acronym for "fake ass bitches" who JoJo puts on blast. "Where were you when I needed you?"

The music video was fabulously shot in black and white along the streets of New York while Remy Ma's rap verse made the song even more impactful.

Is this track too relatable for you? Show JoJo that you deserve a hand 'cause you're a real fan by watching this new "FAB." music video below!

Video Courtesy: JoJo

Moreover, the 25-year old singer is preparing for her Mad Love Tour which will start in January. "Feeling high AF on LIFE this morning because I get to go back on the road and see you in just a couple months," she said on her Instagram post.

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