LOOK: 10 Most Kilig Moments In “Legend Of The Blue Sea” So Far!

Lee Min Ho is ready to capture our hearts once again with My Love From The Star's Jun Ji Hyun in the most anticipated Korean drama of 2016, Legend of the Blue Sea! The King of Asianovelas plays a dual role: Joseon era magistrate Kim Dam-Ryung and present day con-artist Heo Joon-Jae.

Since its premiere on November 16, the fantasy series has set the Internet abuzz with the funny, cute, heart-fluttering, and chemistry-filled scenes of the last mermaid and a boy from modern Seoul.

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We will definitely be waiting for the Tagalized version on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida this 2017! But for now, here's a compilation of the most romantic moments in Legend of The Blue Sea so far!


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1. When he saves her for the first time

Kim Dam-Ryung freed the mermaid and she reaches out to him under the shining moonlight in the middle of the sea.

2. The escalator scene

Exchanging her tail for feet, Shim Cheong can walk but she doesn't know how to use the escalator... so he carries her instead! *kiLEGS*

3. That Cinderella moment

There are many things that our girl doesn't know including what shoes are for! Our leading man does the honor of putting shoes on her.


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4. The umbrella scene

This might probably be the most popular scene yet. Joon-Jae left her in the mall but comes back for her just in time as the raindrops fall!

5. The underwater kiss

With a mermaid character, everyone's expecting this scene! But the way the kiss was shot and the song that plays on the background just made it perfect!

6. When she said it

The curious girl wants to know what love is and then suddenly blurts out those three words, eight letters that caught him off guard.


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7. When he wanted to hear it

He saved her life in the ski slope then asked her to say "I love you" as the snow begins to fall...

8. The bike scene

It seems like a date but this scene is far from that! Chung and Joon-Jae run hand in hand to escape the goons.

9. The flower scene

Dam-Ryung saves the mermaid again and gives her flowers. He goes on to explain that all flowers mean something and the one he gave conveys "something you have and something I don't - memories." Sweet yet painful!

10. The moment she found the end of the maze!

When they reached the end, he sweetly removes the leaves off her hair and fixes it for her.


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What's your favorite "Legend of the Blue Sea" moment so far? Tell us in the comments!