WATCH: KZ Surprises Boyfriend TJ MONTERDE With COLDPLAY Tickets!

KZ just proved that she's one of the sweetest girls in the world!

We know how hard it is to grab those Coldplay tickets so finding a way to get some overseas is just way too much - for us, at least. But for KZ - whose boyfriend TJ Monterde is a huge fan of the band - took out so much effort to give her partner what he badly wants. 

In a video posted on her Facebook page, KZ shared how she found a way to buy tickets to the show for which TJ have long wanted to see! They may be watching in another country but in KZ's own words: "savings plus vacation"!

P.S. Can we give KZ a standing ovation for those hashtags? #GirlsJustDontWaitForSurprises #WeSurpriseThemToo 

Video courtesy: KZ Tandingan

KZ is every Coldplay fanboy's dream girl right now. 

What can you say about KZ's sweet surprise to her boyfriend TJ Monterde? Tell us in the comments!



  • doctorjennybriola

    posted 8 months ago


  • doctorjennybriola

    posted 8 months ago

    TJ x KZ ?