WATCH HERE: VJ Chino Is Back From His Long Vacation To Join You In Today's Episode of MYX Daily Top Ten!

Missed today's Daily Top 10? No worries! is here to save the day. You can view the whole show online on our VIDEOS section. 

After the long Holy Week break, VJ Chino is now back on the MYX Daily Top Ten to brighten up your Thursday. Watch and find out what are those! So get your dose of the Top 10 most requested videos on the MYX DAILY TOP TEN here until 12 midnight.

Living abroad? No worries, just visit and feel that you're home with the entire episode free for everyone ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD TO WATCH! Just link them to the MYX Daily Top Ten page in our VIDEOS SECTION, bookmark it and you're sure to enjoy MYX Daily Top Ten DAILY in your own country!



  • veashaidon07

    posted 5 years ago

    I Love Myx No. 1 !