WATCH: CHARICE Rocks Out On "Killing Myself To Sleep" Music Video!

Our December MYX Headliner Charice has a new rocking music video out! It is her Kurt Cobain-inspired single, "Killing Myself To Sleep" from her album Catharsis and it first aired here on MYX Premiere!

Charice seems to have gone all-in with her new rocker persona with this video. The narrative, which she shared to us during our MYXclusive interview, is about fighting the vices that destroy people's lives.

"Killing Myself To Sleep" music video is a brainchild of Charice with the help of Aero 360 Media & Productions, creative producer Robin Nievera and director Paolo Jaminola.

If you're curious to see Charice rocking out, check out "Killing Myself To Sleep" here:

Video Courtesy: ABS-CBN Star Music 


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  • darrenaticspresidentastic1

    posted 8 months ago

    Are you a local or a foreigner

  • camacaranas

    posted 8 months ago

    loving it!