WATCH: STEVE AOKI Shares Behind-The-Scenes of "Just Hold On" Ft. LOUIS TOMLINSON

"One of the most inspiring dudes on the planet & being there to support Louis Tomlinson on this day to debut our song to the world was life changing," writes Steve Aoki on the behind-the-scenes footage of his collaboration with the One Direction member.

If you've been living under a rock, Steve and Louis debuted "Just Hold On" on the X Factor stage  after the 24-year-old's mom Johannah Deakin's passing.

The song is a tribute to his late mom and we couldn't stop ourselves from crying, especially when the DJ-producer and Louis shared a hug in the clip. Watch the backstage preparations and snippets of the performance below:

Louis also took to Twitter to thank fans once again of their unending support.

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