Summer MYX Fest 2012 Brought Down Boracay!

Another one for the books!

Hundreds of tourists, locals and friends filled Club Summerplace at Station 2 in Boracay for this year's Summer MYX Fest 2012! We definitely felt the heat of the night because of the jam packed event! There were spectators watching from the water and the main path was almost impassable. 

MYX VJs Luis, Nikki, Bianca, Chino, Joyce, and Mike hyped up the already psyched crowd with their jokes and fun games! It got a little wild but it was sure fun to see everybody enjoying every minute.

Of course it wouldn't be as amazing without the music. As the sun went down, fire dancers ablaze the crowd with their fiery moves to the tune of DJ Elmer Dado and Gruppo Tribale's percussive beats!

It was Never The Strangers' first time to perform for Summer MYX Fest (and some were first timers on the island too!) but there were fans already ready with their placards to cheer for the guys!

Urbandub were also celebrating their Summer MYX Fest first but their ska/reggae/rock fusion were perfect for the setting! Gloc-9 jammed with them as they did a version of Francis M's "Cold Summer Nights"

The hot and heavy set of Wolfgang probably made some of our audience thirsty. So, vocalist Basti Artadi "showered" the crowd with rhum! They got wet and wild especially when they played their hit, "Halik Ni Hudas" with Gloc-9 who mashed up his own "Bugtong"! 

No doubt, Kamikazee had everyone singing, shouting, laughing and jumping all at the same time! Jay's antics are already fun entertainment, what more if they played their hits like, "Halik" and "Narda" just to name a few! VJ Joyce joined in on the fun with some kissing game Jay devised! Sneaky, sneaky!

Rico Blanco brought out his hit arsenal with a combo of Rivermaya classics plus "Antukin" from his album, "Your Universe". Expected that everyone knew his songs by heart! It was an amazing experience singing with Rico and hundreds of fans at the Summer MYX Fest!

Last but not the least, Parokya Ni Edgar got everyone crazy. By everyone we mean EVERYONE! As soon as their set started, their co-musicians were already doing their own stunts! Like the accessory of the night, THE SPONGE BOX! 

Words aren't enough to describe how amazing this year's Summer MYX Fest was! Are you going to miss this next year? 

For photos from the event, CLICK HERE! This is just the first album! More to come soon! This is just a small peek of what's to come so keep it here on! Make it your daily habit!

Thanks to those who came and partied with us! It was success because of YOU! Thank you for making MYX the undisputed NUMBER ONE MUSIC CHANNEL IN THE PHILIPPINES!




  • hazelyambao

    posted 5 years ago

    Yes. Pictures of NTS pleeeease.

  • alexia

    posted 5 years ago

    album 2 - some pictures for never the strangers ? :)

  • DD02

    posted 5 years ago

    any pics for NTS ?